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Saturday, 3rd June, 2017


featured interview

I bring the afro and the music brings the thunder!
— Afrothunder

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself. You guys also go by the name The Shades - care to explain?

SK: I’m a Cardiff born lad who likes music. The Shades is a new collaboration between Afro Thunder and myself, and Williamsburg will be our first gig so I'm very excited about that. In the psst few years I've taken a step away from the music scene to focus on my day job so it'll be nice for me to get back into it.

AF: All you need to know about me is, I bring the afro and the music brings the thunder!

Q: “A journey through the genres" is a one off special set just for Williamsburg. What can we expect?

AF: ”A Journey Through The Genres" is something that came about when we were talking about our favourite music. Now we won't be including everything in our set, just a few key pieces spanning from soul to disco to grime. There should be a little something in there for everybody to enjoy. By everybody, we are guaranteeing at least two people will enjoy (3 if Rich turns up)

Q: What are you most excited about with Williamsburg?

SK: As a secret carnivore, a sausage or two will definitely be consumed.

AF: You'll probably find me by the beer pong, I'm looking forward to that. This will be my first appearance at Williamsburg so I'm excited about the whole thing if I'm honest. I've heard good things from previous attendees and caught an interview with the owner the other week that promises to make this the best one yet.